Letter from the President

Founded in 1995, Sigma Insurance Brokerage has been dedicated to catering to the insurance requirements of commercial organizations, ventures, holdings, and their affiliated individuals for over two decades. We specialize in the acquisition, administration, and regulatory compliance of a company’s various insurance policies. By advising our clients on the potential risks involved in their business operations, we allow them to concentrate on expanding their enterprises, secure in the knowledge that all their insurance matters are being expertly managed.

The Sigma Insurance Mission

We achieve our mission by offering our clients an array of choices, cutting-edge technology, and specialized expertise to meet their unique insurance needs. As direct agents for a wide range of insurance companies, Sigma Insurance Brokerage represents the lion’s share of market options across numerous industries. Often, we’re able to bypass intermediaries to secure policies that keep your insurance expenses manageable. With our extensive network of insurers, you can be confident that we will find you the most cost-effective and comprehensive coverage, year after year.

For clients needing Certificates of Insurance, we have a dedicated team to ensure you receive them promptly. Whether you need a single certificate annually or require one for each job or contract—perhaps even daily—we strive to process requests on the very day they’re made. Once issued, our advanced tracking systems and skilled staff manage the entire process so you don’t have to lift a finger.

When negotiating contracts and leases, the insurance clauses can often be the deciding factors. Meeting insurance requirements can be both challenging and costly. However, our seasoned experience allows us to assist, guide, and often negotiate for our clients, ensuring favorable outcomes for all stakeholders in the insurance aspect of any deal.

We invite everyone to explore our website to discover the plethora of products and services we offer. Discover for yourself why Sigma Insurance Brokerage is the go-to agency for numerous businesses.

Warm regards,
Zoe Manasakis

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